Football Park in Saransk: feel the approach of mundialya

It's been more than 5 years since the moment Saransk got the right to host the matches of the 21st World Cup. Today we are at the finish of the direct preparation - before the start of the tournament there are only a couple of months. April 14 and 15, the capital of Mordovia will start a football festival - a football park will operate on Sovetskaya Square in Saransk. What should we wait for?

“Football Park” is one of the special projects of the upcoming World Cup, the goal of which is to prepare Russian cities-organizers for the sport mega-event. Preparation of this, first of all, emotional – the inhabitants of Russia should really feel the approach of the grandiose football holiday.

During the spring months, each city in which the mundialya matches will be organized, organizes a two-day “Football Park”. Sochi and Volgograd events have already been held, so we already know what we should wait in Saransk.

“Football Park” is a complex of entertaining near-football events on a conditionally assigned territory. In Saransk this is the Soviet Square. In each city, “Football Park” presents one of the big football stars, who have not finished their careers so long ago. For example, in Sochi, the former Portuguese striker Nuno Gomes flew in, in Volgograd – ex-defender of the London “Tottenham” and “Arsenal” Sol Campbell. The capital of Mordovia is the visitor of the legend “Manchester United” and the national team of Denmark Peter Schmeichel.

During the two April days [the 14th and 15th on the calendar] the Sovetskaya Square will turn into a real football territory. The park will work from 12:00 to 20:00 – for everyone who wants to join the football holiday. In the program: contests with prizes, quizzes, autographs and photo sessions, communication with football stars. For example, you can test yourself in an interactive football simulator and try to score a goal in the multimedia gate to the robot goalkeeper. By the way, even Lionel Messi at one time was able to “punch” such a goalkeeper far from the first attempt.

Also, guests of the Park will be able to play tekbol [this is such a fun mixture of football and tennis], use the interactive stand to choose a role in the Park [coach, fan, journalist or player], try to win valuable prizes in numerous competitions, take photos with the 2018 Mascot A bully and a great Schmeichel.

Peter Schmeichel is really great – more star players in Saransk have not yet been. Schmeichel is one of the best goalkeepers in the history of the English Premier League and football in general. He won a huge number of titles with Manchester United, and with the Danish national team in 1992, and did a miracle at the European Football Championship [this is about the same if the Russian team suddenly becomes a world champion]. Peter is also involved in other football magic – in 1999 in the Champions League final his Manchester United turned the game against Bayern Munich, having played and scored the winning goal in the very last minutes of the match, when the Germans were almost celebrating the victory.

In addition to the magnificent game on the goal line, Schmeichel is also famous for the fact that he often went to someone else’s penalty box to save matches in the last minutes. And sometimes he scored, as, for example, in 1995 in the famous match of the UEFA Cup between Volgograd “Rotor” and “Manchester United”.

Less experienced football fans are certainly familiar with the game of another Schmeichel – Kasper. This is the son of Peter Schmeichel, and he is also a goalkeeper. Casper defends the gates of the English “Leicester”. The son, like his legendary father, also likes to perform miracles on the football field – in 2016, “Leicester” with Kasper Schmeichel at the gates sensationally won in the championship of England in football.

Saransk has never been so close to brutal British football. On April 14 and 15, residents and guests of the capital of Mordovia are invited to the Soviet Square – to be photographed with Schmeichel, take part in competitions and just have fun.

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