In Mordovian museum found the prototype of Ronaldo

Mordovian Republican Museum of Fine Arts. S.D. Erzi presented his own mini-version in the city's press center in Saransk.

Музей носит имя Степана Эрьзи, которого местные жители называют великим сыном мордовского народа, скульптора Степана Дмитриевича Эрьзи (1876‒1959). Он знаменит скульптурами из редких аргентинских пород дерева, его также называют русским Роденом. В городской пресс-центр музей привёз 3D-копии работ Эрьзи «Моисей» и «Калипсо».

In addition, the museum presented several pictures of another classic of Mordovian art culture – as his fellow countrymen, the singer of joy of life, the artist Fedor Sychkov (1870-1958), whose work reflects the life and color of the Mordvinian people.

Also in honor of the FIFA World Cup 2018TM for journalists, the museum brought posters of the international project Footb-AllMix, dedicated to the tournament in Russia, where designers from all over the world prepared posters of their countries. Posters that the museum exhibited in the city’s press center belong to the countries participating in the matches held in Saransk – Peru, Denmark, Colombia, Japan, Iran, Portugal, Panama and Tunisia.

An exclusive surprise from the museum to the city press center was the original work of the Russian sculptor Beatrice Sandomirskaya “Resident of the distant planet Jupiter”. This is the same work that first appeared in the world media space thanks to Portuguese journalists who saw in the sculpture of the newcomer the image of Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Art and football unites countries,” the director of the museum commented on the exposition in the Saransk press center.