Opening of the FIFA Fan Fest in Saransk

What everyone has been waiting for has happened. In Saransk on June 12, the FIFA FAN FEST officially opened on Sovetskaya Square. It is this place that will become the epicenter of the football holiday for the next month.

For the whole day about 40 000 people visited the Festival, the peak load was 19.5 thousand spectators. Moreover, the Fanfest site can accommodate 20,000 fans, that is, the opening of the Festival took place almost at full load.

A well-known sports TV commentator Dmitry Guberniev was invited to conduct the opening ceremony. Moreover, the functions of the “voice of the Russian biathlon” were reduced not only to maintaining communication with the audience and announcing the performing artists – Dmitry also personally performed a song dedicated to the World Cup 2018. Guberniev’s company from time to time was the mascot of the World Football Championship in Russia – the wolf Zabivak. The welcoming speech was also made by the ambassador of the city-organizer of Saransk, Alexei Nemov.

At the opening ceremony, the Panama national football team, living and training on the basis of the Saransk school of the Olympic reserve for athletics, arrived in full strength. Spectators welcomed the Panamanians, they reciprocated them. Particularly lively interest in what was happening was the defender of the Panama Roman Torres, already had time to fall in love with the Saransk fans.

The organizers tried to make the opening of the Festival of FIFA fans full of local ethno-cultural color. On stage, many local artists performed, demonstrating the rich cultural arsenal of Mordovia. And it looked quite modern – certainly not in the style of typical evenings in regional DCs. The impregnation of original Mordovian and somewhere pagan pagan motives in the general symphony of the global football festival was possible to the full.

Especially impressive was the metaphor of the rising sun. Light and warmth prevailed over the Festival of fans in Saransk, and will not go anywhere in the next month.

The musical headliner of the opening of Fanfest was the Russian band City 312. They managed to pleasantly surprise the audience – even those who did not hear anything from their repertoire, except the song “Stay.” However, a vigorous performance “live” could swing almost everyone.

Musicians from the group “October Sun” continued the musical part of Fest. It is they who own the secret hymn of football in Saransk and the imperishable slogan “Shumnrat – you are my brother”.

With the onset of twilight, the mood of thousands of people gathered on the Soviet Square has not disappeared.

The evening ended with a powerful set from Swanky Tunes – a group of Russian DJs and musicians.

The final point is a beautiful firework that loudly announced the imminent offensive of the most important event of this summer [World Cup 2018].

The festival of fans in Saransk will work almost daily until the end of the tournament. Weekends of the site: June 13, 29, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12, 13 July.