The first match of the World Cup in Saransk. How it was?

At the "Mordovia Arena" on June 16 the first "Saransk" match of the FIFA 2018 World Cup was held. The national teams of Peru and Denmark showed a bright emotional game: the Danes were a bit more lucky, having won the match with the score 1: 0. But interesting events took place not only at the stadium.

June 16, 2018 will go down in the history of Saransk as the Day of Peru. Thousands of fans from the South American country came to the capital of Mordovia to arrange a grand football holiday. For the descendants of the “Inca Empire”, the World Cup in Russia is the first tournament in the last 36 years. Therefore, the Peruvians have accumulated a lot of passionary energy, which they massively splashed out onto the streets of Saransk. At one point the city became red and white, and the echoes of Peruvian hymns reached the most remote side streets.

It is worth noting that the Peruvians were unpretentious guys. They reached Saransk on everything that moved towards the capital of Mordovia. And that did not move, they [taking into account their tremendous energy] they moved themselves. Airplanes, trains, electric trains, passing passengers delivered happy Peruvians, the mood of which was not overshadowed by any household difficulties. Fans from Peru quietly spent time at the Saransk and Ruzaevsky train stations, patiently and with a smile on their face, they tried to find out from local residents how they could get to Fanfest. If the Chamber of Weights and Measures had to bring a good mood in its pure form, it should have been looked for in the squares of Saransk on June 16.

It was fun the day before. The festival of FIFA fans in Saransk turned into one big Peruvian party. South Americans – the people are open, and therefore freely communicated and photographed with local residents. For them, it was also an interesting experience – Mordovia is very different from Moscow, according to which Perountsi were mainly judged in Russia. And here the original culture, interesting local languages, national color. The Peruvians were very inquisitive, and eagerly listened to the peculiarities of life in Mordovia.

The Peruvians so eclipsed everything that happened that it seemed that, in addition to them, no one came to Saransk. This, of course, is not so. Fans from Denmark, too, was a lot, but because of Nordic nature and less emotionality, they seemed slightly less noticeable in the sea of Peruvian fans. But in fact, there were plenty of bright characters among the Danes.

Saransk decided to approach his first match creatively and in a big way. On the day of the match, the grandiose art parade “Welcome, Championship 2018!” Was held on the streets of the city. Thousands of participants marched through the center of the capital of Mordovia to the stadium “Mordovia Arena”.

At the head of the parade were girls-drummers, who were remembered for the test matches at the Mordovia Arena.

They were followed by a brass band led by the most famous cheerleader from Mordovia – the artist of the State Music Theater Viktor Pautov – with the same trombone and stylish glasses.

Foreign guests quickly joined the parade, forming a huge multicultural human stream on the way to the Mordovia Arena.

Peruvians generally looked like a powerful single organism – it’s not surprising that their ancestors once managed to build Machu Picchu. The energy and organization of this people will suffice for anything.

Probably never before the regional instagram segment experienced such an influx of photos from one place of events. The photos really turned out colorful.

The Danes decided to concentrate in one mobile group and make a march-throw to the stadium all together and at the same time.

Peruvians against the background of the “sunny” “Mordovia Arena” – the quintessence of the game day in Saransk.

Of course, such a great pre-match celebration simply could not end in a bad game. And the teams of Peru and Denmark lived up to expectations. Players of both teams showed a bright attacking football, but slightly more lucky the Danes. The team of Peru had many scoring chances [and an unbeaten penalty], but the goalkeeper Danes Casper Schmeichel moved the spirit of the great father of Peter – a victory and three points remained for the team from Denmark.